We believe that  the Baby Boomer and Gen.X generations have enjoyed extraordinary privileges from free education to multiple support networks that facilitated upward, social mobility. Many have also benefited from strong promotion in new industries set up in the 1980’s, escalating property prices and increased concentration of wealth.


The generations that follow may not be so fortunate.


We are focused on being an evidenced based charity. We don’t think we have all the answers. We have no political allegiance. Our focus is on encouraging older people to encourage young generations to find their voice and bring about change to make the Britain of tomorrow more open to all and more competitive and productive.


Having completed our first sponsored research we now aim to raise significant funding to carry out an extensive intergenerational attitudes survey, focused on understanding what younger generations perceive as the key challenges that they face in the future. With this insight, we will seek to find practical solutions to transfer opportunities across generations.

At the same time we want to raise funding for a specific research paper on the UK property market with a view to suggesting radical ideas to increase housing opportunities for young people

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