As well as our sponsored research programmes, The Future Is Bright Charitable Trust will periodically organise charity events to help the most deserving in society. The first of these was the Vow of Silence Challenge.

Our focus will be helping those groups who, through no fault of their own, need the help of others. The lottery of birth, and circumstances beyond one’s control, mean that some groups in society are dealt a difficult hand.

We believe that those most fortunate financially in society should donate at least ten percent of their earnings to charity each year, and we will work towards helping promote this goal throughout society.

The Vow of Silence Challenge was organised by The Future Is Bright Charitable Trust, with over £2,000 going to the Harley Jae South Charity, a charity who help children who have life limiting conditions and their families. The funds were used to bring some Christmas cheer to these families and show them we care.

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