The Future Is Bright - Or Is It?

How have the different generations fared in Britain over the last fifty years? Have today’s children and young adults had the same opportunities as their parents when it comes to education, employment and housing. If the prospects for young people today are something that concern you, download our Executive Summary to see some worrying trends. It’s our responsibility to keep The Future Bright.

Help Sponsor Our Intergenerational Survey to Give Young People a Voice

Having completed our first research by Oxford University, we are now seeking funding for an in-depth survey asking young people about their hopes and fears for the future. Do they feel there are shrinking opportunities? This will serve to amplify the voices of young people and it will shape our work for years to come.

Comparing Opportunities across the Generations in the UK by Oxford University

Oxford University were commissioned to write a report comparing opportunities across the generations over the last fifty years, which we are now proud to unveil. The detailed report brings together a vast body of evidence to outline some key challenges facing young people today. It also looks at the concentration of wealth in the hands of older generations and ask how they can help bring meaningful change to make Britain a more open, productive, competitive and younger nation.

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