Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to fund research that enables us to understand how intergenerational opportunities have changed over the past fifty years since the Baby Boomers first entered the workplace.


We aim to raise funding from individuals, institutions and philanthropists, and to work with leading academic institutions to suggest new policy initiatives to transfer opportunities from the Baby Boomer and Generation X populations to younger generations. The new policy ideas will be in the areas of education, employment, housing, taxation, health and community.

We also aim to mobilise a large group from the older generations to act as mentors and support projects that enhance opportunities for younger people. These mentors will aim to help children who want to be the first in their family to go to university, and also act as business mentors to young entrepreneurs who want to create twenty-first century companies that create jobs for the future and tackle the important challenges of today; from climate change, and the likely emergence of new pandemics, to an aging population and an epidemic of obesity.

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